Patrice Scott Interview @ Resident Advisor

patrice scott interviewPatrice Scott hat Resident Advisor ein Interview gegeben. Irgendwie war das überfällig, oder?

If you’ve had your eye on the new blood coming out of the Motor City’s electronic music scene over the last few years, then you’ll almost certainly have heard Patrice Scott’s name uttered more than a few times. But while fellow new faces such as Kyle Hall and Kris Wadsworth are still learning how to shave, Scott witnessed the first waves of Detroit house and techno, becoming known on the local DJ scene and holding down residencies in both his native city and just across the border in Toronto. It wasn’t until 2006, though, that he entered the world of recorded music, releasing the melodically rich deep house of the Atmospheric Emotions EP on his own Sistrum Recordings. And it’s been difficult to ignore him since.

Unlike many of his contemporaries, Scott has shied away from making Sistrum Recordings a Detroit-specific imprint, picking up producers from Italy (Ksoul and Ra.H), Ireland (Leonid), Germany (XDB) and Los Angeles (Mike Edge) to further the label’s vision of deep house and techno. However, it’s Scott’s raw and emotionally charged cuts that manage to stand out from his impeccably selected roster, with tracks like „Raw Fusion“ and „Motions“ already becoming modern classics for Detroit aficionados worldwide. With DJ gigs all over Europe and a semi-regular slot at Fabric (including a main room set before Ricardo Villalobos and Raresh last weekend), Scott is slowly and deservedly rising through the ranks of the DJ elite.

There’s quite an emphasis on melody and musicality to your tracks. Did you ever have any musical training?

When I was younger I took some piano and guitar lessons, but I’m nowhere near a musician, so most of it I picked up along the way. My parents used to play music around the house all the time though—Marvin Gaye, Earth Wind and Fire, Stevie Wonder, Roy Ayers—stuff like that.
What was your introduction to electronic music?

The first time that I was turned on to electronic music was when I was about 13 or 14, when I went to this party down in some backyard down the street from where my grandmother used to live. It was a local Detroit group who called themselves Sharevari, and the DJs at the party were a local Detroit crew called Direct Drive. That was my first real experience with… I don’t know if it was really considered electronic music back then; I think it was so-called „progressive“ music. A lot of the music that they were playing—and this was around 1984—it was music with instruments and things like that, but it was still dance music. Music that was generally derivative of disco, but they called it „progressive dance music.“

From that point on, I had already wanted to be a DJ, but I was DJing more regular music. I say regular music but it was more popular music—things that were being played on the radio like Kraftwerk, Afrika Bambaataa, Soul Sonic Force and things like that. The Sharevari party definitely changed me and got me into playing a different kind of music, the more progressive style of stuff.

What really set me off was a friend who gave me some mix tapes from Chicago. His cousin would send him recordings of the shows on WGCI and WBMX. Of course, I’d be listening to Charles Johnson—The Electrifying Mojo—every night at 10 PM as well. I was DJing somewhat up until the mid ’90s, and from that point on I was in and out of the DJing game. I went to college, I was doing other things, and then in about 1997 I think, I got my hands on some equipment and I started to make tracks but I didn’t really go too far with it because I’d just started a job and I was working long hours, so it kind of kept me from going further with the production thing…

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Glade Podcast: Donato Dozzy & The Orb

gladeIm July findet in der Nähe von Bristol UK das Glade Festival statt. Es gibt eine unglaublich lange Artistliste, ein Headliner reicht dem Nächsten die Hand. Was dabei aber für uns besonders interessant ist: es gibt dort auch einen wirklich schönen Podcast mit reichlich Futter für die mp3-Player dieser Welt. 23 Episoden sind inzwischen veröffentlicht und ich habe hier mal für die Monday Edition Mixes von Donato Dozzy und The Orb rausgesucht. Für mich sind beide wirkliche Sommer OpenAir Sets. Absoluter Favorit ist das echte Flieger-Set von Herrn Dozzy während es The Orb eklektisch zwischen Ambient, Techno und so angeht. Wem das noch nicht reicht, der findet im Glade Podcast auch noch James Holden, Carl Craig, Juan Atkins System 7, Booka Shade und so weiter und so fort…

Video Tutorials für Ableton, FL Studio, Logic & Reason

abletonBei Primeloops gibt’s ein paar kurze Tutorials / Tips and Tricks für Ableton, FL Studio, Logic & Reason. Ich hab mir bisher nur die Ableton Videos angesehen. Obwohl mich deren Komerztrance musikalisch kein bisschen überzeugt, gibt’s dennoch ein paar technische Inspirationen zu Sidechain -Gate, -Autofilter, -Compression und zum Arpeggiator abzustauben.

Norm Talley: The Journey / In Yo Soul (Third Ear)

norm talley - the journey / in yo soul - third earBeatdown Member Norm Talley hat ne großartige 10″ auf Third Ear released. The Journey dreht sich vor allem um zwei Akkorde klassischer House Strings – ungefähr so: laaa liii. Dazu ein funky Beat der so gekonnt aus der Hüfte kommt, dass er locker jeden ambitionierten Dancefloor nach vorne schraubt. In Yo Soul auf Seite B klingt noch ein bisschen deeper, darker und die Synths dazu haben etwas mystisches. Die Platte hat Talley übrigens seiner verstorbenen Mama gewidmet – kein Wunder also, dass er aus dem, was er am Besten kann, alles rausholt und diese Tracks werden unsterblich sein.

Heute 19 Uhr: WordAndSound @ Berlin Mitte Institut

berlin mitte institut wordandsoundHeute Abend ist WordAndSound live beim Berlin Mitte Institut WebTV. Wer Fragen an Marc Schneider & Co. hat ist eingeladen, die schon mal im Instituts-Blog zu stellen:

Diesmal haben wir einen der größten deutschen Vertriebe für Elektronische Tanzmusik zu Gast: WordandSound, welche auch Whatpeopleplay gründeten und betreiben. Neben 4 Stunden toller Musik wird es im Interview um die Zusammenhänge von Elektronischer Tanzmusikkultur und Vertrieben gehen. Natürlich werden wir auch auf WAS und WPP speziell eingehen, dafür brauchen wir eure Fragen und Hinweise.

Little White Earbuds Podcast 20: Stefan Goldmann

stefan goldmann - lwe podcast downloadStefan Goldmann hat einen Mix für den LWE Podcast gemacht. Mit dem Label Macro stößt er im Moment vieler Orts auf sehr erfreute Ohren und dieser DJ Mix gibt hier einen wirklich guten Überblick über seinen Sound. Bei Little White Earbuds gibt’s ein kleines Interview oben drauf. Gefällt mir…


01. Jeff Mills, “Man From Tomorrow” [Axis]
02. Brothers’ Vibe, “The Difference” [Mixx Records]
03. Santiago Salazar, “Arcade” [Macro]
04. Sound Stream, “Soul Train” [Sound Stream]
05. Raudive, “Christmas Tree” [Poker Flat Recordings]
06. Dennis Ferrer, “Son Of Raw” [Ibadan]
07. Loco Dice, “Tight Laces” (Marcel Dettmann’s Response 2) [Desolat]
08. Jacktronix, “Gasoline” [Antipop Records]
09. Kenny Larkin, “Bassmode” (C2 remix) [Planet E]
10. Monobox, “Trade” (Ricardo Villalobos remix) [Logistic Records]
11. Sylk 130, “When The Funk Hits The Fan” (Mood II Swing When The Dub Hits The Fan) [Ovum Recordings]
12. Norman Nodge, “Untitled” [Marcel Dettmann Records]
13. Stefan Goldmann, “Art Of Sorrow” [Victoriaville]
14. Racquet-Ball Club ft. K. La Dawn, “Gravy” [Downtown 161]
15. Stefan Goldmann, “Untitled” [unreleased; CDR]
16. Peter Kruder, “Chordal” (Macro)
17. Santiago Salazar, “Arcade” (Stefan Goldmann remix) [Macro]