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Gunther bought his first Techno record in 1995. As a 15 years old kid he soon realized, that single tracks make not that much sense without a second turntable. An early setup was organized and the kid was on its way to become a DJ.

Still a schoolboy he organized his first real house party called Acid House! In the following years he organized more own partys and began to DJ more often. A demo-mixtape was sent to Tresor Berlin and until its closing at Leipziger Strasse he played in the basement for New Faces quite a lot. He was booked all around Eastern Germany and was known for a harder but groovy Techno style.

After a period of shitty bookings, he finally decided to quit the mainstage Techno thing. He went back to a very small House club in his hometown and startet to play longer and more diverse sets as a Resident-DJ. Sometimes all night long and Gunther became one of the most experienced DJ’s in the area. He was also connected with the Klub 7 streetart crew. After a while paths went apart and he moved to Berlin.

Monday Edition was born in January 2009. The love and the music had to be shared and Gunther and his fellows tried Monday Edition as a blog project. Soon it’s got really popular and well known for quality electronic dance music, which could survive a monday easily.

Monday Edition Autors: Boris, Brian Dino, Gunther, Leichte Teile, Sascha