The Ambient Cookbook (Fax +49-69/450464)

the ambient cookbookDiese Ambient Compilation The Ambient Cookbook ist die Platte des Tages. Es ist eine wirklich schöne Zusammenstellung von Tracks, die -wie Discogs sagt- das goldene Zeitalter des Ambient repräsentierten. Na gut, goldenes Zeitalter hin oder her. Hier kannst du neben Tracks von Pete Namlook selbst auch Tracks von Tetsu Inoue, Jonah Sharp, David Moufang, Dr. Atmo und anderen hören. Die 4xCD Box ist leider wirklich teuer. Vereinzelt gibt’s aber die Tracks inzwischen schon bei Mp3-Plattformen wie emusic und das Cookbook-Booklet habe ich auch so im Netz gefunden (hier). Für heute wähle ich:

Chicken Breast „Namlook“

0.15 kg butter, 1 small onion, 1 medium onion, 0.3 kg carrots, flour, parsley, water, 2 cups of rice (the normal patna longcorn kind of), 4 cups of water, 28 raisins, 10 sliced almonds, 2 chicken breast filets, 1 clove garlic, 1/2 glass of white wine, 25 grams of normal plain choclate (your favourite brand), sugar, salt, pepper, herbs of Provence

Let’s start this menu with the carrots. Put 0.075 kg butter in a medium sized sauce pan. Turn the heat of the hotplate to maximum. Peel the onions and cut them into small pieces. Add them to the butter…stir briefly. Wash the carrots and slice them crossways. Add them to the other stuff in the pan. Stir until everything is mixed …while stirring add sugar…2 teaspoons, add a pinche of salt and a bit of pepper. Don’t let the carotts burn, but let them feel the heat. If some get slightly baked … that’s perfect. Now add some flour, about 1 tablespoon…stir again until everything is mixed and then add water, about one or two cups … the top of the carrots should not be covered. Then turn the heat down to 1 (on a scale where 3 is the maximum). Put the lid on the pan and we turn now to the rice: Put the rice and 2 tablespoons of curry into a small soucepan. Add a pinch of salt, the raisins and the almonds. Add the water and put the lid on the pan and the hotplate to maximum. As soon as it boils turn the heat to 2 (on a scale of 3). After you add the water to the rice look into the pan with the carrots…stir them and add the washed and cut parsley (small pieces) … stir again and turn the heat to 1/2 (on a scale blah blah..). Now we start with the chicken:

Cut the chickenbreast crossways and put a pan with 0.050 kg butter on the hotplate … turn the heat to maximum. Peel and cut the small onion into small pieces (first lengthways, then crossways). Add the onions to the butter. Stir briefly and let them turn kind of yellow… meawhile peel the garlic, open the bottle of wine and get ready…add the chickenbreast. Add salt, pepper (a tiny bit more than usual), the herbs. Stir …until the surface of the chicken pieces turn white (from pink). Add the garlic with the garlic press and stir the singredients into the pan…stir often…harder…eeerh sorry…now add a teaspoon of flour…stir, and then pour the wine over the whole lot …aaahh big relief…stir …and then cut the choclate pieces into small chunks….add them…and….stir until the sauce has one colour. Turn the heat down to 1. Look and see if there is some water left in the rice. If so, take the lid offand turn the heat to maximum. You can find out if you tip the pan and water appears. Put the remainingbutter on the rice and wait until all water has gone …stir and pour it onto the plate … give the carots to the plate (if you have some parsley left put it on top of it) and add the chicken.

If you like wine … drink the same that you used for the food.

I bet … whenever Richie Hawtin thinks about collaborating with me … he remembers this meal.


  1. Sad World „Terasury“
  2. Ambient Otaku „Holy Dance“
  3. Music To Films „Movement 5“
  4. From Within „Sad Alliance“
  5. Silence „Heaven (aw cut)“
  6. I.F. „Kisy Loa“
  7. 4Voice „4VI Outro“
  1. Zenith „Electro Dreams“
  2. Air „Trip #9“
  3. Transonic „Time Span Zero“
  4. The Putney „Angel Circle“
  5. Shades of Orion „Biotrip“
  6. Datacide „Data Haiku“
  1. Electro Harmonix „Floating Sync“
  2. Namlook „The Gate To The Milky Way“
  3. Otras 2 „Astralbohrer“
  4. Recurring Dreams Of The Urban Myth „Loop 6“ Excerpt
  5. A Day In The Park „Talk“
  6. Bedroom „Antarctica“
  7. Aerial Service Area „Another Green Airport“
  1. Music For Ballet – Excerpt
  2. Transonic „Whirlpool (Slow Spiral Of Clouds)“ – Excerpt
  3. Solitaire „In/Out“
  4. Xjacks „Celophane“
  5. Wechselspannung – Excerpt
  6. Organic Cloud „Chill In Chill Out“
  7. Namlook „Subharmonic Interference“